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So what's a sentimental girl to do with all those engagement/shower/wedding cards that you have collected from friends and family? Well, you could let them collect dust in that corner of the drawer you have them crammed in or maybe stashed in a memory box forever destined to be buried under the bed. could do something really rad and make a lovely little album with them! You know you have been dying to do something crafty lately and what better cause is there than to save your beloved cards from the evil dust monsters right? RIGHT!

Here's what you need to make this oh so lovely little album:

  • Hole Punch
  • Craft Knife or Scissors
  • Self-healing mat
  • Craft Ruler (regular ruler works too)
  • Pretty Paper
  • Thin Cardboard or Heavy Card stock
  • Tape Runner
  • Ring Clips
  • Extras: Craft Punches, glitter, stickers...and the list could keep going!

 OK, let's get started!

Start by gathering all your cards and stack them in size order with the smallest cards on top. Use your ruler and mark the smallest card with 3 dots to use as guides for your holes. Punch the holes and use the small card as a guide to mark all the other cards. Then get punching all those holes! 

Time to make the front and back cover. Using the largest card you have as a guide and cut out a cover from the cardboard making sure it's a bit larger than the card on all sides. Now cut out a second piece of cardboard using the first piece as a guide so you have a matching set.

Next, using your tape runner go around one side of your cardboard as close as you can get to the edge. Carefully line up the cardboard over your pretty paper and press down. Once affixed, use your craft knife or scissors to trim off the excess paper. Repeat on both sides of your cardboard pieces. I used one paper for the outside and another paper for inside of the covers.

We are almost to the creative part...yay! Use the largest card and use the holes as guides so you can make matching holes in the front and back cover. Once you punch the holes we get to the good stuff! Go ahead and decorate your cover however your little heart desires. Once you are done you can assemble your album. Woo hoo!

Now you have a lovely album of cherished memories you can proudly display on your coffee table instead of a pile of cards collecting dust in a forgotten place. I'm sure you will love the end result!

Happy Crafting!

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