new years resolutions



When the new year rolls around I always get excited. It's a fresh start, a chance for change and growth and the hope that this year will be better than all the rest. 

2013 was a great year that revolved around my DIY wedding and marrying my best friend and man of my dreams. It was certainly the best year yet but I'm looking to top it in 2014. A tall order I know, but I have some great dreams in need of wings. So I put some serious thought into my goals for the year ahead and I thought I would share them with you lovelies.

Stress Less: I need to stop worrying about the things I can't control. I need to stop stressing about what other people think and just be me without fear and without comparing myself to others.

Be Healthy: My first thoughts were eat only lettuce and exercise like crazy but then I realized I probably wouldn't last a few days so I should come up with more realistic goals and being healthy is definitely more realistic. I plan to eat organic as much as possible, take vitamins daily, exercise 3-5X week, focus on a positive thought-life, and update all my beauty routines to paraben-free/sulfate-free/cruelty free products. I know that's quite a list but it really just boils down to making conscious healthy and responsible choices daily. I can do that!

Create More: I want to put more focus on growing this baby blog because it is my creative outlet which i so desperately need.Yes, my day job is creative but it's not as free as my own blog can be. With that comes fun DIY projects and creating creative content. I'd love to take some classes too. You can never stop learning right?

Be Open: My anxiety often gets the better of me and I lose out on new experiences and opportunities. So I am going to work on trying new things and give myself a chance to explore something new. Who knows what I could discover? Maybe I will pick up the ukulele and be unstoppable...or maybe not but one can dream right? That is the premise of my blog. 

Give More: I often have good intentions but life always gets in the way. This year I want to be more generous with my time, money, and skills to help others, both human and furry. Giving back is always good!

So darlings, what are your resolutions for this new year ahead?

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