Motivational Monday



Life is too short to waste my life with insecurity. It's so easy to think negatively and I do it countless times a day. Breaking myself down with every thought and for what? Seriously, I had to ask myself...and you should too. 

This brings to mind some of my Mom's wisdom "Speak life! Negativity is poison but positive thoughts and words breathe life. You are the handiwork of the Creator; You are His masterpiece." 

This week I am going to truly focus on loving myself. I challenge you to look past the things you dislike about yourself and speak words of life. 

Happy Monday!

xo Mia


  1. Wise words from a wise woman who raised a wise woman.

    1. My Mom was certainly a wise lady! I miss her so much and wish I could share with her how much I am becoming the woman she always prayed I would grow to be <3

  2. Somehow, I thnk she knows.


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